Friday, March 28, 2008

Oregon District Tonight - Excellent Art, Music and Belly Dancing

Stop down in the Oregon district and checkout the happenings at the Color of Energy. There will be Belly Dancing, music at the Paccia, Painting and maybe some handicapping for the Florida Derby. It is a beautiful night: Come on Down. Here is the Calender of Events.

The Color of Energy: A Mike Elsass Gallery

Caravan Workshops


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Fifi said...

Hey Greg,

Thought you would want to know that it was Sandstorm ME
Dance Co. at Color of Energy in March... (see and NOT, I repeat NOT Kira from Kira's Oasis (whose picture you used). We find this highly objectionable as we have nothing to do with her or her establishment. In addition, we fight very hard to differentiate ourselves from her and her establishment. Deniz, who is our main art director, was Kira's major teacher when Kira began to dance years ago. In addition, Deniz has been one of Dayton's major contributors to the dance for 20+ years, as well as offering workshops and classes long before Kira came to town. If you would like a picture to post of Sandstorm ME Dance go with our event(s), feel free to contact me. We will be back at the Color of Energy Art Gallery on Saturday, May 24th. See you there.

Thanks for removing the incorrect picture in advance.

Greg Hunter said...


I want apologize as I was traveling and could not get back to edit the post. I did not mean to offend as I was linking from other information. I hope I will be in town for the next shop and will be sure to get it correct the next time. I loved the show and appreciate the work that is put into this art.

I am with a co worker in Pittsburgh this week who is practicing for her first solo.

I hope to remain in tact if when I see you!

Fifi said...

Congrats to your friend/co-worker on his/her(?) first solo. =) It's hard to get up in front of a bunch of strangers the first time. (and the 2nd, and the 3rd...)

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments, and appologize for not posting earlier. We were all so happy to hear that you loved the Hafla.

Things are getting very busy as we prepare for our next big show, Electric Tapestry, July 11th and 12th at the Schuster (inside the Mathile). I've been running around setting up music rights, getting terrific dancers and musicians lined up - you name it. Deniz has been choreographing like a crazy person... We've all been drilling till we are read to drop.

You can also start catching us at the new PlayThink Learning location on 411 E. 5th in the Oregon district. We'll be having all sorts of Haflas, workshops, shows, you name it! The folks over at PlayThink are awesome to work with, and I feel like things are really taking off in an incredible direction these days. =)

Please come to see us. I'd love to meet you and put a face to such a wonderful supporter. =)