Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Interesting Merger Study Gets Sprung During Spring Break - Cville and Washington Township to Merge?

The sky is falling as the decisions of the Township and Centerville are considering coming together, but why? The audience was worked up and it appeared that Kingseed and Young wanted it done, but it was only a meeting for a study. The study should be done, but what are the real reasons.

Presenter: Odds do not favor merger
Washington Twp. Trustee Lee Snyder said the expansion of Social Row Road is estimated at $17 million and improvements to Clyo Road are estimated at $15 to $20 million.

The study said it would cost more for police services in a merger, but it didn't calculate the full cost, said Tom Zobrist, Washington Twp. fiscal officer. To keep the city's current 1.7 ratio of officers per 1,000 residents, the merged entity would need twice as many new officers. If the city's current cost per officer is $137,166, the estimated cost for a merged department would be more than $12 million, he said. Police services cost about $2.97 million for the township and $5.76 million for the city in 2006, he said.

Centerville Mayor Mark Kingseed said a merger would help make sure revenue sources are there so residents "would not have to rely on the county for handouts. It would allow this community to be in control of its own destiny," he said. "The thing that concerns me is that the burden of property taxes is going to get worse and worse," he said. "The property tax burden is just going to crush people."

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