Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wilmington Should be Shut Down and Return to Pig Farming!

Miami Valley Representatives Prepare For $825B Battle - News Story - WHIO Dayton
Republican Rep. Michael Turner, a former mayor of Dayton, said he remains undecided on the President's stimulus plan. Turner said he's concerned the $825 billion might not trickle down into a city like Wilmington, which is suffering massive job losses in the wake of DHL's shutdown. Turner told WHIOTV.COM, "In this stimlulus package, there isn't an opportunity for the president to direct funds to some of the hardest hit areas."

I have a plan to save the City of Dayton's Schools and stimulate the housing sector. Forgive all of the mortgages for Wilmington homes, close them down and move everyone to Dayton. Simple! Why put off the inevitable? The houses is Wilmington can be taken down, moved or recycled into insulation; which will provide a great number of jobs for the Miami Valley.

Do you ever wonder why Ohio and Dayton continue to be the hardest hit areas? Poor leadership, elected by the uneducated because WHIO and the Dayton Daily News do not do there jobs.