Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Austin Road Cheerleaders in Full Force - Remember Who Had the Shovels - The Guilty!

I love Freud as he pointed out that people say things to ward off what they fear is not true!  Austin Road is about tearing down the city and building up sprawl in the suburbs.  It is actually fine by me as there are many houses along the river in Dayton that are great buys right now; close to water transportation and great soil for growing.  I hope Dayton remembers that every person that had a shovel in their hand during the Austin Road ground breaking is guilty of driving the nails in the coffin.  I equate this group to the groups of financial idiots in NY trying to bailout an economy that is dead.  Austin Road money should have been directed to high speed rail and Transit Oriented Design as that is the future, but we have greedy people shoveling money to themselves so they can leave Dayton in the dust.

Long-awaited Austin Interchange project promises economic boost
“This project is about jobs,” said U.S. Rep. Mike Turner. “It’s not just the jobs that will be created by the construction work. We’re going to get an exciting place to redevelop and offer people to bring their businesses and retain businesses.”

Does that sentence make any sense? Are we redeveloping something or paving over something?