Friday, March 28, 2008

Is This Logic Ironic To You?

I love parsing newspaper editorials and there is no better
place than Dayton Ohio to evaluate weasel wording.
Ohioans spend a great deal of their money at casinos in neighboring states, but
still retain enough hypocrisy to keep any revenue from gambling in
Ohio and the latest attempt by the Indians appears to be dead, but you have to
love rationale common sense of the DDN editorial staff in justifying a
Bush decision, which goes like this:

Because Americans drove the Shawnees out of Ohio more than a hundred years ago
and Ohioans vote, that justifies keeping the Indian Casinos out. I mean this
type of reasoning got the US
into Iraq
and allows Americans to justify killing other people for their resources. So
how about this reasoning - Iraqis, Iranians and Saudi Arabians obviously do not
understand how to use the oil wisely and the US voted; so we are justified to
drive them out and take what is rightfully ours.

view: Feds get it right about Indian casinos

So long as the law allowing for Indian casinos really does
result in a significant number of Indian casinos — so long as it's not a dead
letter — there's just something commonsensical about a regulation saying that a
casino's location ought to have some connection with a tribe's residence for
the last century. Let the big decisions about gambling in Ohio be made essentially by Ohioans.

I think it is funny that Ohio,
and therefore Ohioans, is an Indian Word.

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