Thursday, March 20, 2008

Patriot Act Used To Spy On Americans - Turner Is Enabling Fascism

Another article on the rise of the American Fascist State. The contract workers that have been hired to "protect us from the Terrorist Threat" are using the Powers of the Patriot to Spy on Americans. Americans have allowed the Federal Government to take power from them through fear. We are getting the government democracy asked for, but I say tyrants at the behest of the connected without a paper, that is owned by Billionaires, that does its job, are selling America out. The evidence mounts and the people are silent.

Obama passport files violated; 2 workers at State fired; 1 rebuked - - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper
The officials, all contract workers, used their authorized computer network access to look up files within the department's consular affairs section, which processes and stores passport information, and read Mr. Obama's passport application and other records, in violation of department privacy rules, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said.