Sunday, March 9, 2008

DaytonOS - Will it Suffer the Fate of Cassandra?

I want people to understand that I care so deeply for the world and its people, I do not want to see suffering. I have been trying to avoid it all my life. It has done me absolutely NO GOOD professionally or personally to talk about or discuss the issues that impact society. What happened to the appreciation of scientific truth? I guess the Catholic Church was replaced by the US Government.
The Oil Drum: Europe | Cassandra's curse: how "The Limits to Growth" was demonized
Prophets of doom, nowadays, are not stoned to death, at least not usually. Demolishing ideas that we don't like is done in a rather subtler manner. The success of the smear campaign against the Limits To Growth ideas shows the power of propaganda and of urban legends in shaping the public perception of the world, exploiting our innate tendency of rejecting bad news. Because of these tendencies, the world has chosen to ignore the warning of impending collapse that came from the LTG study. In so doing, we have lost more than 30 years. Now, there are signs that we may be starting to heed the warning, but it may be too late and we may still be doing too little. Cassandra's curse may still be upon us.

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