Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gas Prices Got You Down! – You Voted For It

The political class, the ones that can afford high gas prices; have helped bring on this mess, by not planning for the future, and you voted for it. They have continually voted to expand roads and build houses, while at the same time exterminating the small business owner or entrepreneur through onerous requirements and short sighted thinking. They still remain in charge while this crisis is unfolding. If you think they have done a good job, then I will pray that a miracle will occur for you and your family.

Me, I will encourage all that I can to grow their own food, buy a bicycle and keep their own chickens. It is time for the people to understand that world that we thought we could build, on cheap energy, is no longer affordable. It is time to convert lawns into gardens, roof tops into solar panels and GM’s Moraine Plant into a solar panel manufacturing plant.

Gas prices skyrocket to $3.45 a gallon in the Miami Valley
"And heaven forbid we have any problems with refining or delivery," Keyton said. "Combine that kind of problem with high crude prices and a weak dollar, and prices could get a lot worse."

Prices have already passed the $4 mark at many stations nationwide. But Tom Kloza, publisher of the Oil Price Information Service, thinks slower demand growth will prevent the national average from rising that high. Rising fuel prices affect much more than what we pay at the pump. They also affect the cost of business and government.

Dan Teaford, operations director of Boomerang Trucking Inc., said the Riverside-based company is paying $3.81 per gallon for diesel fuel these days compared to $2.20 a year ago. The company, which has 15 trucks used to deliver goods to five states, must pass the rising costs of fuel on to customers.

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