Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why I will never vote for someone from New York

The markets are like a blind retard with a strong sense of smell looking for sweets using a sawed-off shotgun. It is amoral and totally self-interested. If getting the sweets means killing off the population, then so be it. The argument that it "gets us a better candy bar," somehow does not seem all that freaking relevant when as a result of that better candy bar the planet suffers an extinction event.

The stock market is not way to run a country, let alone the world.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, not only is that totally offensive, but it makes absolutely no sense. Please, if you are going to discuss intellectual ideas, at least try to sound intellectual. What do the "markets" have to do with New Yorkers? Why is investing money so evil? You know you sound crazy, right?

Greg Hunter said...

Hit a nerve did it? I did not write the quote, but feel it is accurate. Ask Sonny Perdue whether the market will supply adequate water or will praying work. If you look at NYC it only cares about the short term. I would contend that as anonymous poster, you have very little credibility as an intellectual.