Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sins of Omission

The sins of omission is a topic touched on in a previous blog. Sin of Omission assumes a populace and laity that understands' God's word as well as the world he created. A concept that requires thought and some degree of science training, which most Christians avoid or rationalize. The concept of sins of omission is well known among the WWII generation, but is a lost concept in today's ignorant society. It must mean we cannot discuss that America had a bigger heart and a better soul in the past. It is unfortunate that the media has allowed us to claim ignorance about how American appettites and addiction impact the world.

How does this post pertain to sin? Simple, or addictions are killing people in other parts of the world and they are aware of our ignorance.

We are sowing the seeds of dissent with our actions, but are we ready for the reaping and weeping? NO, we are giving 40k bonuses for those that sign up to kill people in 30 days.

Here is another data point for consideration - The subprime defaults are an example of higher energy prices impacting the American economy. Just be glad you do not live in the third world.!

Peak Oil Hits the Third World
Here in the first world, we still have the luxury of armchair theorizing about peak oil, and paying a bit more for gasoline, but the third world is actually feeling the pain of peak oil today. Rising oil prices are acting as a regressive worldwide tax, pricing poorer countries right out of the market. Since their experience must to some extent herald ours as peak sets in, let's see how peak oil feels to those who are undergoing it firsthand.

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