Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DDN speaks the truth to Kettering - GM consolidates to China but dispatchers cannot locate to Montgomery County

Our View: Kettering rejecting money-saving deal
One day the price will become too much for all of them to pretend they're islands.

Every once in a great while the truth is spoken in the DDN, but they will not stand up and say sacrifice their precious Austin Road interchange to correct the infrastructure deficiencies in Ohio. The DDN only cares when it impacts their revenue.

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Jeffrey said...

Au$tin Road is absoultely fasicinating.

From a traffic engineering standpoint it doesn't make sense to have a potentially high volume exit close to the I-675/I-75 intechange due to weave issues. I bought that up at the public hearing at the airport and the ODOT folks didnt really answer the question.

Is the DDN really behind Au$tin Road? I thought it might have been Mead (as they owned land from I-675 all the way to Austin), or maybe some other interested party.

The backstory on this interchange would be worth digging.