Friday, August 24, 2007

Ohio - Please consider Obama

Brzezinski Embraces Obama Over Clinton for President - Yahoo! News
``There is a need for a fundamental rethinking of how we conduct world affairs,'' he added. ``And Obama seems to me to have both the guts and the intelligence to address that issue and to change the nature of America's relationship with the world.''

I have discussed in several of my blogs and with everyone I meet that we need a change and that change does not include Hilliary Clinton. Vote for Barack Obama.

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Jeffrey said...

That is a suprise, to see Zbiggy support Obama. Brzeniski is sort of an old FP insider, who one would expect would support the establishment candidate, which is Hillary.

My idealist vote would be for Kucninch, but I think for the mainstream candidates I prefer Obama, as I think he has the charisma and leadership ability to be President.

In some ways Obama reminds me of Mario Cuomo, how they both appeared on the scene with that charismatic speech at a Democratic convention. Cuomo never ran, though, and Obama is going for it.

David Bowman said...

Obama 08

Anonymous said...

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