Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boehner Rationalizes Addiction by Blaming Democrats

RIGZONE - 'Nothing' Prods Oil to Record $78 a Barrel
House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, drew a connection Tuesday between rising oil prices and the energy priorities of the House Democrats, who are putting the final touches on an energy bill: "It's ironic that the price of oil would hit a new high in the very same week Democrats intend to make far less of it available for production in America," Boehner said. Democrats contend the bill, which would emphasize conservation, create incentives for alternative fuels and tighten up on some oil industry tax breaks, represents responsible energy policy over the long term. Oil prices may actually pull back in the coming weeks, some analysts said, as the U.S. summer vacation driving season comes to an end.

Ohio does represent America well, instead of admitting the United States is addicted to oil, he blames the Democrats for cutting the American supply. Boehner, as addicted smoker, should understand addiction as an addict cannot go long without getting a fix or rationalizing why he needs one. America can no longer supply the oil to feed its addiction so the addict is lashing out at everyone and everything, when the problem is in John Boehner's mirror.

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