Friday, August 3, 2007

Turner is the New Tony Hall at the DDN - He can do no wrong! (or right)

Martin Gottlieb: Larry Korb brings out the combatant in Mike Turner
But Turner doesn't pose a question, and he gets up to leave before Korb can really respond. He seems to decide to stay only when the Democratic chairman asks him to.

It looks like one of the hyperpartisan pot shots that one often sees at the most highly charged congressional hearings. Which is interesting, because Turner says, "I am not a partisan." He prides himself on not playing those games.

He says that, in this case, he was put off, not by the substance of Korb's testimony, but by the tenor. Turner considered it partisan, the sort of thing one sees on cable television, rather than anything a serious legislator might find useful.

Korb's testimony is also available at the site that posted the video. The site is affiliated with the organization where Korb works these days.

The posting does tend to confirm the notion that Korb came as a political combatant. Childishly, it refers to Turner as a "chickenhawk," a term generally used about Vietnam draft dodgers, not people of Turner's later generation. And it calls Turner a "right-winger."

(In a phone call later, Korb revealed that he didn't know of Turner, any more than Turner knew him.)

Turner says he was only leaving the hearing because he had to leave. He says that whether the witness gets to respond is up to the chairman, that he (Turner) was fine with staying once he knew there was going to be a response.

Korb says he was shocked by the attack and that nothing so personal has happened before in the many, many times he has testified.

Marty takes a twisted course to defend Mike as he uses the word "seems" instead of the more appropriate...the impetuous Turner, after failing to belittle Korb, yields the rest of his time to silence him and is rebuked by the Chairman. Mr. Turner, already fleeing the chamber to fire a staffer, piroetes in the congressional aisle like he his on dancing with the stars and is forced to listen to Dr. Korb "put his military analysis up against anyone".

Marty then proceeds to an obvious Freudian reference by using the word "Childishly" when he refers to the web article about Mr. Turner. The kettle does not get any blacker than that and then to sell the public that Turner is not a "right-winger", OY VEY Martey. Mr. Turner worshiped George Bush's name to get that seat and he has voted to support this debacle in Iraq from the beginning of his term. Marty and Mike know that Mr. Hunter had the foresight to see the road ahead. C'est La Vie!

Marty, Mike and Mediocrity - Buy what Dayton builds!

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D. Greene said...

Oracle of Dayton? Do you work at Delphi?

Also, you might wanna resize that profile pic - it's a bit large and studies show that if people need to scroll, they will often just hit the back button.

- D. Greene,

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