Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turner and Chabot Try To Fix A Problem They Helped Create - Be Afraid

The data is coming in and it is not pretty, home prices falling, constituents in debt, but never fear the Republicans are here. Chabot and Turner, the people who helped bring on this mess are teaming up to save us. God help us all. Instead of instituting programs that would bring about better zoning and control of overproduction of housing stock, they decide to give work to bankers and lawyers in a futile attempt to save homes that should have never been built, let alone purchased. The people who represent this area do not get out much, as this housing bubble has been brewing since 2002. We need leaders, not reactors, especially those that react poorly. The sprawl of Chabot and Turner have been poor investments.

Economy prompts GOP defections - Victoria McGrane -
In the recent debate over a stimulus package, Rep. Phil English (R-Pa.) broke ranks to push for Democrat-backed extension of unemployment insurance benefits. And, in the foreclosure bankruptcy debate, Chabot’s fellow Republican Ohio congressman, Michael Turner, recently joined him as a co-sponsor of the bill. Turner’s district includes Dayton, where the foreclosure rate is even higher than in Chabot’s Cincinnati.

Chabot, and now Turner, supports empowering bankruptcy judges to help homeowners keep their houses, an adjustment supporters say could avert as many as 600,000 foreclosures.

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