Thursday, February 28, 2008

If You Do Not Understand The Implications - Then Do the World a Favor - Die

I know that the people of Dayton will not take the time to read this post as the business of life is very time consuming and keeping up with Barak or Brittney is paramount, but if we do not stop the current trajectory, then the future is bleaker than you think.

The Oil Drum: Europe | Olduvai revisited 2008
Getting politicians, policy makers, leading academics and decision makers to grasp these issues has to be a major priority. The fact that this work is being conducted in the twilight world of The Oil Drum is really astounding. Although I am really encouraged by the number of senior academics who contribute to the work presented here. This twilight world will one day very soon be the mainstream. I would like everyone to note the absolute importance that energy efficiency plays in the path away from Olduvai. Without that we are screwed - TOTALLY. Every action and policy we implement from now on must be based on the premise of energy efficiency - both consumption and production.

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