Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hope Can Spring from Truth!

And although cynicism can creep in when we are exasperated by slow progress on one front or another, I would be hesitant to underestimate the intelligence of the people. People may become disengaged, owing to discouragement or disappointment or distraction... they may even oppose our insights and vision for the future... but I have been pleasantly surprised how resilient, how thoughtful, how resourceful, and how wise they can be when facing life's challenges or unpleasantries.

TPTB (Powers That Be) can project an image of the unwashed masses as a herd to be manipulated, but this I suspect is an illusion propagated for their own perceived advantage and pride. Reality is a much more messy beast. And they do have to ride that beast if they want to maintain the illusion of control.

If PO (Peak Oil) is a real concern, and I believe it is, then sooner or later most people will catch on and adjust accordingly. Expect resistance, nobody likes to give up what they have, and expect anger, it is often a byproduct of grief or lament over a serious loss, especially a loss of trust, but also expect creativity and hope and steadfast determination. When all hell breaks loose, when the world around them crumbles, people will behave at their worst and best.

May I suggest that if we truly want to get the message out, if we truly want to make a difference on how this will unfold, if we truly want to help people prepare, it would be prudent not to underestimate or underappreciate our neighbours. We're not as far apart as it may first appear.

And from what I am observing, the message and insights offered here are becoming better known and understood elsewhere. This, IMHO, is a hopeful sign

.Zadok the Priest

I vow to make positive relationships to mitigate the issues, while trying to inform those in power of the potential rough spots in the road.

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