Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fascism - The Corporate Entities are exposing themselves but the Sheeple are missing it!

I watched Dylan his last day on CNBC and I was very hopeful as he was finally running with the true crime of the AIG story as I talked about in this post indicating it was the counter parties to AIG that the government and Wall Street wanted cover up. I was thinking "WOW GE must be getting killed and maybe they want to help expose everyone else, because at least GE makes something. No such luck as Karl calls it out but goes no further in the analysis.

Dylan Ratigan And CNBC - The Market Ticker
Mr. Ratigan was the notable exception to that commonly-held belief in my opinion, and CNBC will be much the poorer for the loss of his talent and refusal to do other than call 'em as he saw 'em.

In addition I have noted a rather interesting change of tone in Rick Santelli's reporting over the last couple of weeks. I can only speculate on who applied a jackboot to his neck - and shake my head in sad acceptance of his decision not to provide a one-finger salute in response.

It has been a great time to see that there is no Democracy and we have been sold down the river, but it is our own fault as we are not paying attention as John Ise is a perfect sheep. John represents the sheeple and I always wonder how people come to these conclusions as it is unfathomable.

Please pay attention as Dayton is run the same as DC and it is time to ignore them and if your neighbors want to "obey" the powers that be, ignore the also, except remember it is a Fascist state and anything that is done to "help yourself" is in direct competition to the corporate interests and as such you will be labeled a criminal.

Obama is a Wall Street hack and the people that are pulling off the greatest looting of the American Populace ever and people sit on their hands or as John says "It is required"  Humans have totally lost there way.

If you would like to see what is important in this world spend an hour and see what we should be doing now!  Instead of building roads with stimulus money we should be encouraging Daytonians to work with our wonderful environment and become a self sustaining community. 

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