Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why Dayton is Pathetic!

Emerson said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

I study the human condition and this statement describes the political and ruling class in Dayton, Ohio. This election cycle cries for radical change, but we are going to select the same old group. Does anyone examine what life is about? The people being selected to represent the interests of the Dayton area have no original thought and maybe Dayton is getting the representation it deserves.

The DDN certainly celebrates the election of Husted and Turner, two of the most groupthink individuals in the Dayton area, when those of ideas and intelligence are relegated to the "I told you so" class. I have learned that saying I told you so, does not make the world better, it just makes the future more bleak as the choices to make corrections about how to live in harmony become limited.

I was right about Pete Forster, in 1978 and told Paula MacIlwaine that he was a bum. She defended him, because she was setup in the lighting business by Petey the bum and was essentially a purchased politician. Her protege Judy Dodge is now Montgomery County Commissioner. There are similar stories for each of the elected officials in the Dayton area, which the DDN accepts because the Cox sisters hate Dayton, but love the money.

Look at who the Republicans are selecting to represent the Dayton area - Pro Sprawl, non think, real estate backed Lehner and Blair. Blair works for Buckeye Pools and is on the commission with Lee Synder of Snyder Brick and Block. They know nothing but continued lining of the development pockets. Lehner is Pro-Growth of another sort and while admirable, provides little solution to problems we face. Jesus may save your soul, but man resisting the temptation to breed like bacteria may save the earth.

Continue down the path if we must, but I will fight it, for the good of humanity, with all my heart.

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David said...

So, I don't see your name on a ballot Greg. Being bitter, or saying I told you so isn't the answer.
The answer is to keep talking about the solutions- identify the charlatans- and build a network of intelligent people who want change.

Jeffrey said...

Is Rhine McLin as bad as everyone says she is? Or is she just the scapegoat?

I do wonder whats up with local government and buisness people.

Ive volunteered for that Save the Arcade campaign that has been getting some press, and as such been doing some research on what other citys are doing.

I took a look at St Louis and was pretty much suprised that the movers and shakers in that city, public and private sector, made downtown revival a priority, and made savin/adaptivly resuing old buildings a part of this priority.

So I wonder why this doesn't happen in Dayton. Or maybe it did and it all failed and no one wants to try again.

I don't know.

Greg Hunter said...

Ok, I am still working on the charlatans, and I need some advice on the running. Could John White's seat swing to a Democrat or should I run in the Primary as a Republican?

Jeffrey said...

I think it is pretty impossible to win in the suburbs as a Democrat.

The GOP probably needs more moderates running or at least voting here at the local level.