Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Austin Road Cheerleaders in Full Force - Remember Who Had the Shovels - The Guilty!

I love Freud as he pointed out that people say things to ward off what they fear is not true!  Austin Road is about tearing down the city and building up sprawl in the suburbs.  It is actually fine by me as there are many houses along the river in Dayton that are great buys right now; close to water transportation and great soil for growing.  I hope Dayton remembers that every person that had a shovel in their hand during the Austin Road ground breaking is guilty of driving the nails in the coffin.  I equate this group to the groups of financial idiots in NY trying to bailout an economy that is dead.  Austin Road money should have been directed to high speed rail and Transit Oriented Design as that is the future, but we have greedy people shoveling money to themselves so they can leave Dayton in the dust.

Long-awaited Austin Interchange project promises economic boost
“This project is about jobs,” said U.S. Rep. Mike Turner. “It’s not just the jobs that will be created by the construction work. We’re going to get an exciting place to redevelop and offer people to bring their businesses and retain businesses.”

Does that sentence make any sense? Are we redeveloping something or paving over something?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fascism - The Corporate Entities are exposing themselves but the Sheeple are missing it!

I watched Dylan his last day on CNBC and I was very hopeful as he was finally running with the true crime of the AIG story as I talked about in this post indicating it was the counter parties to AIG that the government and Wall Street wanted cover up. I was thinking "WOW GE must be getting killed and maybe they want to help expose everyone else, because at least GE makes something. No such luck as Karl calls it out but goes no further in the analysis.

Dylan Ratigan And CNBC - The Market Ticker
Mr. Ratigan was the notable exception to that commonly-held belief in my opinion, and CNBC will be much the poorer for the loss of his talent and refusal to do other than call 'em as he saw 'em.

In addition I have noted a rather interesting change of tone in Rick Santelli's reporting over the last couple of weeks. I can only speculate on who applied a jackboot to his neck - and shake my head in sad acceptance of his decision not to provide a one-finger salute in response.

It has been a great time to see that there is no Democracy and we have been sold down the river, but it is our own fault as we are not paying attention as John Ise is a perfect sheep. John represents the sheeple and I always wonder how people come to these conclusions as it is unfathomable.

Please pay attention as Dayton is run the same as DC and it is time to ignore them and if your neighbors want to "obey" the powers that be, ignore the also, except remember it is a Fascist state and anything that is done to "help yourself" is in direct competition to the corporate interests and as such you will be labeled a criminal.

Obama is a Wall Street hack and the people that are pulling off the greatest looting of the American Populace ever and people sit on their hands or as John says "It is required"  Humans have totally lost there way.

If you would like to see what is important in this world spend an hour and see what we should be doing now!  Instead of building roads with stimulus money we should be encouraging Daytonians to work with our wonderful environment and become a self sustaining community. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Look in the Mirror and if this sentence applies to you - Die, because we are dead already - I see dead people.

The Oil Drum: Campfire | "I Don't Know"
Politically this means groups of fairly intelligent and educated people like the oildrum are impotent in our modern world. The masses are incapable of understanding our problem and our leaders are far more interested in extracting wealth out of the toil of the masses to pay attention to where our society is esp vs the environment.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Audacity of Dopes - America's Lack of Planning for Stimulus is Reckless

Connecting the dots - Does anyone in Dayton understand why the Stimulus Proposed by Obama is a poor investment and will be his undoing as it will take fours years at least for the sheep known as the American populace to get it.  As an exercise try to figure out why the list of projects funded based on this quote

“We understand that everyone has a need out there, so we used the idea of a fair share scenario,” said Don Sprang, MVRPC executive director.

is not a good use of the Chinese Investments

And that the way Old Europe has or will invest its money may be wiser.  But hey we are Americans and we are blessed by God, so we must be right - Shovel Ready to Dig our own graves -  Riiight!  I find the list very interesting as the comments were mainly about improving and expanding bikeways, while very little was funded.  Well Dayton knows better as the Car Industry has a very bright future, so funding roadways is a "great investment."

Old Europe Is Right on Stimulus - WSJ.com
While he's in the U.K., perhaps Mr. Geithner should also ask his European counterparts whether any of them have ever seen a 1.5 Keynesian "multiplier" in the wild. That's the idea -- promoted by Mr. Summers -- that every $1 of deficit spending yields $1.5 in economic growth. If that were true, Italy would be the richest country in Europe, instead of merely one of the most indebted.

And if the Treasury Secretary is looking for something to read on the plane, we recommend a recent paper by a trans-Atlantic team of four economists -- two Germans and two Americans. The authors -- John Cogan and John Taylor of Stanford and Tobias Cwik and Volker Wieland of Goethe University -- subject the Administration's stimulus to the most recent Keynesian scholarship.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What Dayton Leadership is All About - Groupthink

It would be interesting to really get at the table to discuss these issues and at least have a dialogue about the decisions that have been made in this town.  I have talked to the "movers and shakers" and if you look at their decisions over the last 10 years they have all been wrong.  However, they own the media through personal relationships or financial control, so no serious questioning of these decisions is ever undertaken. 

The Groupthink model is leading us directly over the cliff, and it appears on both sides of the aisle.  I have been appalled by the liberal medias take down of Rick Santelli and his Boston Tea Party rant.  Each side never really can take the middle ground.  I think most people would call the Daily Show a liberal view of politics, so when Jon Stewart used Rick Santelli to take down CNBC, he perpetuated the Groupthink model as he used the ONLY commentator on CNBC that ever questioned the blowing of the Greenspan bubble and every economy cheerleader that CNBC had on, especially Chief CNBC Economist and Apologist Rick Leisman.  Review the video and Stewart's team never uses Santelli again in its take down.  Keith Olbermann makes the same mistake on his worst person of the world take down of Santelli.

It is part and parcel of how those with some discerning or populist view of the world are taken down and out by both sides of the aisle.  Rick gets blasted all the time on CNBC and then when it looks like he might get a following, the corporate hacks get their liberal puppets to take the populist down.  It just reinforces my continued antipathy for "those in power".  It is not about what is right, it is about staying on top.  Corporations and Politicians are turning America into a dung heap, just like the Politicians and Corporations in our community are turning the Miami Valley into a dung heap.  Jesus, Martin Luther King, Rick Santelli and your's truly.

Economics Professors Are Unshaken by Financial Crisis - NYTimes.com
Unquestioning loyalty to a particular idea is what Robert J. Shiller, an economist at Yale, says is the reason the profession failed to foresee the financial collapse. He blames “groupthink,” the tendency to agree with the consensus. People don’t deviate from the conventional wisdom for fear they won’t be taken seriously, Mr. Shiller maintains. Wander too far and you find yourself on the fringe. The pattern is self-replicating. Graduate students who stray too far from the dominant theory and methods seriously reduce their chances of getting an academic job.

“I fear that there will not be much change in basic paradigms,” Mr. Shiller wrote in an e-mail message. “The rational expectations models will be tweaked to account for the current crisis. The basic curriculum will not change.”

“I hope I am wrong,” he added.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Heroin - Nothing Like a War in Afghanistan and American Insanity to Fuel this Crisis!

Here we go again.  Another article about the drug problems in America without one probing question of whether the American, but maybe Day 2 will offer some hope.  Until then I will give the solution, one that I hoped we the American populace would make because were reasonable, but one we will make because it is the only one we can afford.

Heroin hits home
Heroin, once thought to be disappearing from the local drug scene, is back with a vengeance, fueled by a new generation of users seduced by its euphoric high and initial door-busting price.

And, in alarming numbers, they are dying.

Heroin has made a comeback, and not just in the underbelly of cities where hard-core addicts can always be found.

It is showing up in places where you'd least expect to find it.

The reason Heroin is a killer problem in America is because we (look in the mirror) are Insane.

Definition of Insanity - Repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

That definition of insanity is certainly the American Drug policy over the last 75 years and it is killing people. The problem is that it is human nature to do drugs and society's solution, the drug war, not the drug, itself is a non market based approach. If you think this country has enough money to continue fighting a losing battle with the narcotics trade, think again or at least for the first time. Combine our insane domestic drug policy with our entry into Afghanistan and voila explosion of Poppy production and cheap Heroin. America was successful at stemming the production of Heroin as our State Department paid the Taliban 22 million dollars, because they had squashed production in 2000. Never mind that the US State Department financed 911; Hey the Taliban wiped out poppy production. How did that work out for us?

There are several types of responses associated with a Heroin overdose.

1.   He/She deserved it because they were warned and its against the law, those worthless drug addicts; while, others say
2.   That is a tragedy and put all of the pushers in jail; but,
3.   I say "We could solve the two major problems with one stone.  We could kill off the funding of terrorism through narcotics trade and save a great number of lives."

Americas response has been a combination of 1 and 2, which leads to insanity, while number 3 requires compassion and understanding, something America says it has but rarely practices.

So here is the solution - Legalize the importation of Poppies, Heroin or Opium, for sale and use, but it must met standards.  This one solution saves lives and kills the narcotics funded terrorism.  The reason people overdose is due to the fact that the strength of the product varies and users are conditioned to shoot the same quantity every time, hence an overdose.  The farmers in Afghanistan can still make money, but they no longer have to be under the threat from both America and the Taliban.

It is coming up on the 10 year anniversary of one of my best friend's death due to a Heroin overdose and America is still Insane!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wilmington Should be Shut Down and Return to Pig Farming!

Miami Valley Representatives Prepare For $825B Battle - News Story - WHIO Dayton
Republican Rep. Michael Turner, a former mayor of Dayton, said he remains undecided on the President's stimulus plan. Turner said he's concerned the $825 billion might not trickle down into a city like Wilmington, which is suffering massive job losses in the wake of DHL's shutdown. Turner told WHIOTV.COM, "In this stimlulus package, there isn't an opportunity for the president to direct funds to some of the hardest hit areas."

I have a plan to save the City of Dayton's Schools and stimulate the housing sector. Forgive all of the mortgages for Wilmington homes, close them down and move everyone to Dayton. Simple! Why put off the inevitable? The houses is Wilmington can be taken down, moved or recycled into insulation; which will provide a great number of jobs for the Miami Valley.

Do you ever wonder why Ohio and Dayton continue to be the hardest hit areas? Poor leadership, elected by the uneducated because WHIO and the Dayton Daily News do not do there jobs.